US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 3 – Andy – Huntington Beach, CA

After I finished my writing of numbers in the sand on the beach at the Pacific Ocean, I stopped a surfer dude walking along the beach while he was carrying his surf board.

Andy …

Andy told me that he worked as a trucking leasing manager for over 20 years. He admitted that it was tough driving an hour to work every day and then an hour home, but in some ways the drive was very well worth it – he liked the network of people.

Yes, it was the network of people that was the best thing about his job. Over the years, he was happy that he had built a network of a lot of people that he could trust. When you have people who are trustworthy and in your network, it makes your job and world and life so much easier.

If he ruled the world for one day, he thought that maybe he would declare each  person would have it as a “World Beach Holiday” so everyone could go out to the beach and have the day off. Even the people who lived in mid-continent should have a day to go to the beach – plus even if was winter where they lived. Yes, a day at the beach – Andy would declare it as law.

He has lived in the area all his life and went to school in the area at Huntington Beach High School.
And then on to college.