US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 19 – Mylene & Rob – Entrepreneurs – at Honolulu Airport, Hawaii

It was a great 8 days in Hawaii, but I must continue my mission to – Meet People, Make Friends and See if I can Help Make a Difference in People’s Lives. I had to be on my way – more people to make friends with.

I got to the Honolulu airport hours early, and for some strange inexplicable reason, I walked over and sat down near gate 15. I would board at 18. Some power led me to take a seat there. Whenever I have those intuitions, I don’t question, I simply ‘go with the force flow’.

I took off my shoes and looked around – feeling inside amazed at how I pulsed high with excitement — I knew something special was coming my way. I wasn’t there long before Mylene and Rob walked into my life.

WOW! An incredible couple!Stan, Rob and Mylene in Hawaii

Mylene is self-employed as a tax accounting specialist and has done income taxes for elite clients people for 17 years. Mylene was a dedicated tax auditor for the infamous IRS 10 years.

And Rob is also self-employed as a freelance Uber driver after having been a video editor for 25 years – 10 years with CNN and another 15 with Fox News. Going for freedom and a change of career emphasis, after he was laid off, Rob has taken on a new perspective in giving personal service by Uber driving.

When they were asked what they liked best about going off for a break from where they live in Fullerton, CA, but about to move to Huntington Beach, Both – love the warm Aloha spirit. Rob – Besides, it’s so laid-back. Both – Plus, the weather. Mylene – Paradise scenery. Rob – The beaches. Both – And the fantastic people.

They mentioned that they had been at the Spam Festival in Waikiki – What did you think of the event. The music was great and the food was incredible. Rob remarked, “That ukulele girl.”

As ruler of the world? Mylene – Clean water for everybody. And healthcare for everyone, especially mental health care.

Rob – More friends and happiness in the world.

About what she would want more of – Mylene – “Freedom of time to do whatever I want.” She went from being employed to self employed, and now she has about 400 clients so she has 400 people who love what she does for them.

Inspired by the book written by Derek Rydall EMERGENCEWe talked about many things – our lives, hopes and dreams.


US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 9 – Marsha – Restaurant Waitress – Loading Dock inside Colorado Belle – Laughlin, NV

On my mission to – Meet People, Make Friends and See if I can Help Make a Difference in People’s Lives – I wanted to stop in Laughlin because I didn’t really want to stop in Las Vegas.

I had lived in Las Vegas some years back for about 5 months and there was nothing there to attract me to come back and see if it had changed any. Ya see – I’m not a smoker, nor a gambler. I’m not like to have nothing to do and I’m not bored enough to gamble or drink and sit around smoking. I like to work and be productive. Oh well …

Marsha Stan and Jerri Rae
Marsha, Stan and Jerri Rae

I met Marsha at the Loading Dock Restaurant where she worked as a waitress. She has been in Laughlin for five years and she worked as a bartender at Harrah’s for all of those five years … until 2 days prior.

She started by saying that a long story might be good for my blog thing.

Years back, Marsha lived in Panama City, on a beach in Florida, where she owned a construction company for 23 years. They were General Contractors on the beach at the time that the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill happened. She had a 30 man crew in the water in the bay building a marina.

Because of the oil spill – “I lost a million-and-a-half dollars. I lost my house, my company, my equipment and everything went down the tubes.”

Marsha still haven’t got any settlement from British Petroleum. She is currently still fighting with them for a settlement. She settled for $0.50 on the dollar which was $750,000 and they gave her a 10% down for income tax seven years ago but she hasn’t seen a penny since.

It was very very very devastating” … but she and her husband are still going to continue to fight for their settlement with British Petroleum. “Everyone along the Florida Panhandle has suffered greatly.”

Why here in Laughlin? Her husband said after work in 45 years out in the hot Florida Sunshine – all he wanted to do was deal Blackjack and be in an air-conditioned Casino for the rest of his life … and that’s what he does.

If you were ruler for the day…? “If everybody just for one day would be kind to each other. That’s what I wish.”

If she got the settlement or when she gets it, she plans to retire and moving to Florida where her two kids live. But no grandkids, because she says both her children are driven.

The reason that she’s going to go back to the South to live – Marsha says she thinks there’s a true difference between southern hospitality and and the way people in the west behave.

Note: I personally feel that if you’re nice to people, they are nice in return. It doesn’t matter where you are. ~ Stan

OMG – I Can’t Believe It – I was a Tourist in Hawaii Yesterday

Even though it was raining, I decided to go out for a stroll from where I was staying at the Aqua Ohia Hotel in Waikiki. Just after crossing the street of Kuhio Avenue, and to get out of the rain, I found myself walking through the International Market Place, an indoor-outdoor shopping mall.Tourist Stan in front of banyan tree

Something caught my eye and I stopped to look through the store window. I looked at a t-shirt display inside the window. I thought – “What a cool shirt! Maybe I’ll go in and buy it.”

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I also saw a glimpse reflection of myself in the glass.

It hit me! My breath sucked itself right out of me.

Oh my god, I could not believe what I was transforming into.



But I wanted to buy that shirt. I avoided my own eye contact and walked into the store. I made a bee-line straight to the pile of shirts with the same saying on it of …

“I got lei’d in Hawaii.”

I whiffed through the pile but there weren’t any XXL’s!

What? Oh … NO! It can’t be. My first chance to go to tourist heaven seemed to dissolve as if I was part of a surreal mirage.

But then … I was saved …!

… when the store salesman … explained to another customer about … these fine and extra silky – just got in & brand new – shorts with 92% coconut fibers. Coconut fibers? Holy, leapin’ crap! That’s something I must have!

I jumped at the chance for tourist redemption and immediately tried on a pair, knowing the whole time, if there was even a remotest chance for a fit, I was going to walk out … a full-fledged vacationer-traveler who buys stuff that he doesn’t need and may never use!

WOW!Lei'd Stan

Later, I put on my lei and felt that … like I had just been lei’d.

US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 18 – Kenny – General Manager Crazy Shirts in Waikiki, Hawaii

Oh, what a great day is every day that I go about my journey to discover people and experience adventures! What an honor I feel each and every moment to meet people, make new friends and see if I can help make a difference in their lives. Definitely, I have loads of truly happy days and I love it.

Bounding around and open to adventure at every corner, I happened to drop into a shop in a marketplace – Crazy Shirts. There I was so lucky to meet Kenny.

Kenny and Stan

Kenny is the store manager at Crazy Shirts and has been in Hawaii for about a year, from Las Vegas where he lived for 15 years and then he moved to Hawaii.

He quickly admitted he likes the weather the most in this area. He says it’s 80 to 90% of why he came to the islands. He likes meeting people from all over the world.

But the heavy traffic? Kenny doesn’t really care for all the – traffic. It’s congested and he says that the cost of living is another thing he doesn’t like about living on Hawaii, but that’s the cost of living in Paradise. You get what you pay for.

As ruler of the world for one day, Kenny said he would invoke peace around the world and equality. Even in today’s society there is still racism. Elsewhere around the world, people could be a little more open-minded – maybe even … if there were same sex bathrooms.

US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 10 – Christine – Data Manager Best Western International in Mesa AZ

Like usual, on my journey to discover people adventures, or to meet people, make new friends and see if I can help make a difference in their lives, it’s happy days and I love it. For some strange reason I took my car to Earnhardt Toyota to have it serviced.

I took a seat next to two women, one who was texting on her mobile – do women do anything else these days?Stan Christine and Dawn

On the other hand, the second woman – Dawn – seemed to be upset … so I left her alone.

Christine smiled and seemed friendly … so I asked her how long she had lived in the area. She answered – almost 24 years. And she liked most about the area was the weather.

Sometimes the weather where Christine grew up (in Massachusetts), it was terribly icy, snow and cold and she really does not like the cold weather. She prefers to be warm, even though in the summertime, it gets a little bit tough.

About what she likes at works, Christine replied, “It’s complicated.”

She works for Best Western International. She runs the department that handles all electronic rate distribution for over 4000 Best Western Hotels worldwide. Her department makes it so that you can book Best Western Hotels online. They handle all of the electronic rate distribution so that you could book one of their hotels on or on Expedia or through a travel agent. They handle all of those electronic connections. They don’t do the coding because they have proprietary applications that connect to the different networks so it’s really just more data entry and data management.

She likes least about her job is sometimes it’s frustrating for her because they don’t always have the newest technology in the company; and there’s a lot that they could do faster and easier if they had the money to really upgrade the technology.

Christine seemed to think it was okay, yet hard that she needs to drive over 50 miles each way to work, but she loves what she does and “I love the people I work with so it’s worth it.”

When asked – if you found something where you could make as much as or more money, would you keep your job?

She thought she would keep her job even if she could find another job closer because she really does love the company and the family atmosphere there. “I love the team that I work with.”

But … what if you could stay home and still earn that type of money?

“I don’t think I’d like to work at home. I’m a person that enjoys being around people and I get energy from the people I work with, so I don’t think I’d like working at home.”

What about being ruler of the world for one day? What rule would she enforce?

Christine said, “I think I have an answer. I have worked with people with disabilities for many many years and I think that if I could make any magic happen in the world for one day, I will want people to see the potential and how wonderful people with disabilities can be and give them every opportunity to thrive and be the best people that they can be.”