OMG – I Can’t Believe It – I was a Tourist in Hawaii Yesterday

Even though it was raining, I decided to go out for a stroll from where I was staying at the Aqua Ohia Hotel in Waikiki. Just after crossing the street of Kuhio Avenue, and to get out of the rain, I found myself walking through the International Market Place, an indoor-outdoor shopping mall.Tourist Stan in front of banyan tree

Something caught my eye and I stopped to look through the store window. I looked at a t-shirt display inside the window. I thought – “What a cool shirt! Maybe I’ll go in and buy it.”

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I also saw a glimpse reflection of myself in the glass.

It hit me! My breath sucked itself right out of me.

Oh my god, I could not believe what I was transforming into.



But I wanted to buy that shirt. I avoided my own eye contact and walked into the store. I made a bee-line straight to the pile of shirts with the same saying on it of …

“I got lei’d in Hawaii.”

I whiffed through the pile but there weren’t any XXL’s!

What? Oh … NO! It can’t be. My first chance to go to tourist heaven seemed to dissolve as if I was part of a surreal mirage.

But then … I was saved …!

… when the store salesman … explained to another customer about … these fine and extra silky – just got in & brand new – shorts with 92% coconut fibers. Coconut fibers? Holy, leapin’ crap! That’s something I must have!

I jumped at the chance for tourist redemption and immediately tried on a pair, knowing the whole time, if there was even a remotest chance for a fit, I was going to walk out … a full-fledged vacationer-traveler who buys stuff that he doesn’t need and may never use!

WOW!Lei'd Stan

Later, I put on my lei and felt that … like I had just been lei’d.

US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 18 – Kenny – General Manager Crazy Shirts in Waikiki, Hawaii

Oh, what a great day is every day that I go about my journey to discover people and experience adventures! What an honor I feel each and every moment to meet people, make new friends and see if I can help make a difference in their lives. Definitely, I have loads of truly happy days and I love it.

Bounding around and open to adventure at every corner, I happened to drop into a shop in a marketplace – Crazy Shirts. There I was so lucky to meet Kenny.

Kenny and Stan

Kenny is the store manager at Crazy Shirts and has been in Hawaii for about a year, from Las Vegas where he lived for 15 years and then he moved to Hawaii.

He quickly admitted he likes the weather the most in this area. He says it’s 80 to 90% of why he came to the islands. He likes meeting people from all over the world.

But the heavy traffic? Kenny doesn’t really care for all the – traffic. It’s congested and he says that the cost of living is another thing he doesn’t like about living on Hawaii, but that’s the cost of living in Paradise. You get what you pay for.

As ruler of the world for one day, Kenny said he would invoke peace around the world and equality. Even in today’s society there is still racism. Elsewhere around the world, people could be a little more open-minded – maybe even … if there were same sex bathrooms.

US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 10 – Christine – Data Manager Best Western International in Mesa AZ

Like usual, on my journey to discover people adventures, or to meet people, make new friends and see if I can help make a difference in their lives, it’s happy days and I love it. For some strange reason I took my car to Earnhardt Toyota to have it serviced.

I took a seat next to two women, one who was texting on her mobile – do women do anything else these days?Stan Christine and Dawn

On the other hand, the second woman – Dawn – seemed to be upset … so I left her alone.

Christine smiled and seemed friendly … so I asked her how long she had lived in the area. She answered – almost 24 years. And she liked most about the area was the weather.

Sometimes the weather where Christine grew up (in Massachusetts), it was terribly icy, snow and cold and she really does not like the cold weather. She prefers to be warm, even though in the summertime, it gets a little bit tough.

About what she likes at works, Christine replied, “It’s complicated.”

She works for Best Western International. She runs the department that handles all electronic rate distribution for over 4000 Best Western Hotels worldwide. Her department makes it so that you can book Best Western Hotels online. They handle all of the electronic rate distribution so that you could book one of their hotels on or on Expedia or through a travel agent. They handle all of those electronic connections. They don’t do the coding because they have proprietary applications that connect to the different networks so it’s really just more data entry and data management.

She likes least about her job is sometimes it’s frustrating for her because they don’t always have the newest technology in the company; and there’s a lot that they could do faster and easier if they had the money to really upgrade the technology.

Christine seemed to think it was okay, yet hard that she needs to drive over 50 miles each way to work, but she loves what she does and “I love the people I work with so it’s worth it.”

When asked – if you found something where you could make as much as or more money, would you keep your job?

She thought she would keep her job even if she could find another job closer because she really does love the company and the family atmosphere there. “I love the team that I work with.”

But … what if you could stay home and still earn that type of money?

“I don’t think I’d like to work at home. I’m a person that enjoys being around people and I get energy from the people I work with, so I don’t think I’d like working at home.”

What about being ruler of the world for one day? What rule would she enforce?

Christine said, “I think I have an answer. I have worked with people with disabilities for many many years and I think that if I could make any magic happen in the world for one day, I will want people to see the potential and how wonderful people with disabilities can be and give them every opportunity to thrive and be the best people that they can be.”

US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 17 – Diana – Restaurant Worker Extraordinaire of Waikiki, HI

There’s no doubt that I’m feeling especially good and very happy. For a couple of days, I was tired from the flight to Hawaii, but now that I have my total energy back, which I attribute much to the nutritional supplementation I follow daily, it’s again a natural easy flow for me to meet people everywhere. You know I’m going around the U.S. And I’m still just at the beginning of a long trek across the 48 states, plus Hawaii = 49.

My mission – meet people, make friends and see if there’s a way I can help make a difference in people’s lives.

Tonight, at dinner I met Diana …Diana and Stan at Da Big Kahuna

who bent over backwards to bring me what I wanted – after a cold rainy day … well, cold for the western slopes of Hawaii.

Diana has been in the city for only one year and she lives in Hawaii Kai. She found out quickly that at Da Big Kahuna Restaurant – she likes to give great customer service and she likewise discovered, people respond to you friendly if you’re friendly to them initially.

She went on say that something to something different has something different. It sounded tremendously profound, but I could not interpret, so if you’re keen on what it means, please allow me to be the first to know.

The worst part of living in this area is that all the time there are drunk people around, and that it is expensive to live in Hawaii. And then, there is the homeless. She.

If she were in charge of the world for one day, or ruler, she said she would enforce the edict that everyone would have to walk a mile in everyone else’s moccasins.

What she would like more of – Time – like she spends too much time working. She needs time to travel around the world. And have more money which would give her more time … if there was a way to work less, yet make a lot more money. Diana said she would like to do that as a way of making smart money. One way that … less is more.

US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 16 – Peterson – Dermatologist of Thousand Oaks, CA

When you’re feeling good and happy, it’s easy to meet people from around the U.S. I know I’m just at the beginning of a long trek across the 48 states, plus Hawaii. My mission – meet people, make friends and see if there’s a way I can help make a difference in people’s lives.

At the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, I had arrived early (about an hour and a half early) and so many people were gathering already at the gate of departure. I took a seat next to a gentleman who was a photographer of some sort based on the type of tripod he had with his gear.

Peterson and StanWhen I asked him his name, he said Peterson and I was going to call him that (though I’m usually on a first name basis with nearly everyone I meet) … and just now, I learned that is his first name.

He said he had been at a photography workshop on the Havapai Indian Reservation. I guess it was good training and he learned a bunch. So okay, what about what do you do for a living?

It was a short but pleasant reply – “I’m a Dermatologist.”

He said he had his practice in Thousand Oaks, CA. He thought the city was a great place to raise a family, and it’s green and lush and the people are the very best.

What he liked best about his practice was the people and the variety of things he gets to do.

But what he doesn’t like is that he hates dealing with those insurance companies.

As fas as being ruler of the world for one day – “I would change human nature.” He would make it happen for one day that there would be less selfishness and more caring for others.