US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 35 – Alexia, Mike, Leo & Josh – met at Country Corner Cafe in Simla, CO

Every day is a great day when it starts with clear blue skies and warm sunshine. I left Colorado Springs rather early and headed east. For some strange reason, I was hungry for breakfast.

So … winging it … I turned right onto Highway 24 and then looked for every non-franchise mom-and-pop type cafe continuing my mission to – Meet People, Make Friends and See if I can Help Make a Difference in People’s Lives.

In Simla, CO, I at first drove passed the Country Corner Cafe, but then I made a quick U-turn. There I went inside and was greeted by Alexia.Stan - Leo - Mike Alexia - Josh

Alexia thought it was great … that I was traveling alone, all the way from Arizona and California through Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, New York and all the way to Maine. She especially liked that I was not on any timetable and that I could do things as I wished – stopping where I’m wanted and eating where I wanted.

She said, “The reason I like Simla – it is small town and I’m comfortable walking to the park.” Alexia was excited when she said she’s been living in the town since she was 6 yrs old.

If she was ruler for a day, Alexia would like the people of the world to be kind to each other no matter what color their skin was.

What she wanted more of – she would like more of her family to live around her, or at least in the nearby area. She has relatives in Hawaii and CA that she doesn’t get to see much of.

But less of – how about ‘less drama’?

At the cafe, I also met Mike Kurtchi originally from Athens, Greece. He came as a 25 yrs old and cooked for a prince for a while in San Diego. As for being ‘ruler for a day’ Mike would not be responsible for if he was.

Leo – the public works director of Simla. Leo came from Lewiston, Maine but he’s been in Simla for 28 yrs. Ruler? – no thank you.

Josh – the chef cook worked there since 9 yrs old. No comment about being ruler.

I forgot to ask them if they’d be open to talk with successful mentors who could show them how they could make more money without devoting a lot of extra time to the business. There’s always excitement about ‘living the dream’ that could come to anyone … just by turning spending into earning.

US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 9 – Marsha – Restaurant Waitress – Loading Dock inside Colorado Belle – Laughlin, NV

On my mission to – Meet People, Make Friends and See if I can Help Make a Difference in People’s Lives – I wanted to stop in Laughlin because I didn’t really want to stop in Las Vegas.

I had lived in Las Vegas some years back for about 5 months and there was nothing there to attract me to come back and see if it had changed any. Ya see – I’m not a smoker, nor a gambler. I’m not like to have nothing to do and I’m not bored enough to gamble or drink and sit around smoking. I like to work and be productive. Oh well …

Marsha Stan and Jerri Rae
Marsha, Stan and Jerri Rae

I met Marsha at the Loading Dock Restaurant where she worked as a waitress. She has been in Laughlin for five years and she worked as a bartender at Harrah’s for all of those five years … until 2 days prior.

She started by saying that a long story might be good for my blog thing.

Years back, Marsha lived in Panama City, on a beach in Florida, where she owned a construction company for 23 years. They were General Contractors on the beach at the time that the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill happened. She had a 30 man crew in the water in the bay building a marina.

Because of the oil spill – “I lost a million-and-a-half dollars. I lost my house, my company, my equipment and everything went down the tubes.”

Marsha still haven’t got any settlement from British Petroleum. She is currently still fighting with them for a settlement. She settled for $0.50 on the dollar which was $750,000 and they gave her a 10% down for income tax seven years ago but she hasn’t seen a penny since.

It was very very very devastating” … but she and her husband are still going to continue to fight for their settlement with British Petroleum. “Everyone along the Florida Panhandle has suffered greatly.”

Why here in Laughlin? Her husband said after work in 45 years out in the hot Florida Sunshine – all he wanted to do was deal Blackjack and be in an air-conditioned Casino for the rest of his life … and that’s what he does.

If you were ruler for the day…? “If everybody just for one day would be kind to each other. That’s what I wish.”

If she got the settlement or when she gets it, she plans to retire and moving to Florida where her two kids live. But no grandkids, because she says both her children are driven.

The reason that she’s going to go back to the South to live – Marsha says she thinks there’s a true difference between southern hospitality and and the way people in the west behave.

Note: I personally feel that if you’re nice to people, they are nice in return. It doesn’t matter where you are. ~ Stan

US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 18 – Kenny – General Manager Crazy Shirts in Waikiki, Hawaii

Oh, what a great day is every day that I go about my journey to discover people and experience adventures! What an honor I feel each and every moment to meet people, make new friends and see if I can help make a difference in their lives. Definitely, I have loads of truly happy days and I love it.

Bounding around and open to adventure at every corner, I happened to drop into a shop in a marketplace – Crazy Shirts. There I was so lucky to meet Kenny.

Kenny and Stan

Kenny is the store manager at Crazy Shirts and has been in Hawaii for about a year, from Las Vegas where he lived for 15 years and then he moved to Hawaii.

He quickly admitted he likes the weather the most in this area. He says it’s 80 to 90% of why he came to the islands. He likes meeting people from all over the world.

But the heavy traffic? Kenny doesn’t really care for all the – traffic. It’s congested and he says that the cost of living is another thing he doesn’t like about living on Hawaii, but that’s the cost of living in Paradise. You get what you pay for.

As ruler of the world for one day, Kenny said he would invoke peace around the world and equality. Even in today’s society there is still racism. Elsewhere around the world, people could be a little more open-minded – maybe even … if there were same sex bathrooms.

US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 3 – Numbers in the Sand

My great People Exploration Adventure continued on  Day 3 at  Huntington Beach CA. I had a first goal – draw numbers in the wet sand while the waves rolled in. It was more like a mission – yes, like a life or death mission. Yet, it was my life’s mission to draw numbers in sand while  I listened to the waves pound steadily on to the shore.

It’s all about my meditation. Getting to a truly relaxed state of calm meditation in the length of one minute. One minute as in 60 seconds. Achieve focus. Gain connection with the Infinite.

Some people call it prayer. Other like Neale Donald  Walsch might call it “Conversation with God”.

Since I was a young boy, I had problems with prayer. I always felt it was toward a ‘being’ who didn’t care and never seemed to answer. Yet, many people told me that … that God … was Infinite.

“How could that be?” I usually asked.

Again … no answers ever came.

Let’s get to the numbers … if it’s okay with you?

I made sure that my footprint in the sand got into the photo and I stuck the stick with which I made the numbers into the beach sand right next to my rectangle 1 through 6.

This is how the meditation goes …

While you breathe in, imagine you are carving 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 into the beach sand while beginning a vertical pattern. Then, hold the breath in, while you write in your imagination a horizontal 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 into the sand, but listen and hear the ocean waves pound onto the beach. Hear the waves and hear your stick scratching the numbers into the wet sand.

It’s important to … SEE the numbers being drawn.

Then, forming a small ‘O’ with your lips, begin a slow, slow exhale. Releasing the air from your lungs through that small O. And also count down from 6, drawing the numbers – 6,5,4,3,2,1 – vertically downward. during your slow exhale … while listening to hear the waves pound and the stick scratching the beach sand. Of course, SEE the numbers you form.

Then do another 6,5,4,3,2,1 while breathing out … to finish the rectangle.

You’re there. Connected to the Infinite. Actually, you are always connected to the Infinite (because that’s what ‘Infinite’ means, doesn’t it?). It’s just that doing this tremendously quick series of a 4 – 6 count rectangle, your mind shifts it’s focus from the Life stuff that gets in the way … to the connection that’s “here and now” with the Infinite that’s always ‘here and now’.

What people told me that might take hours … or never … now comes easily in a happy 60 seconds.

Call me if you need help with this => 480-799-0996. Let’s talk.

Tip 9 Balancing the Inner and the Outer Self to Help Implement The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction can function properly only when the balance between our inner and outer selves is reached.

Balance is Stress Relief.Stress Relief - Attract What You Desire

Our inner self is basically our consciousness. It is our mind and our thoughts. This is the place where the Law of Attraction starts taking effect. Law of Attraction begins working deep within our minds and our thoughts. Accordingly, the process starts with our inner self.

Our outer self is our actions. The actions we take to implement the thoughts is how our outer self-manifests itself. If we want the Law of Attraction to work as well as possible then it is absolutely vital to learn how to create a balance between our inner and outer selves. Putting our thoughts into actions is absolutely compulsory. Whatever starts with just pure thoughts must soon be converted into actions.

If you believe that just sitting there and thinking hard about a new house will help you get it, you are mistaken. When your thoughts and beliefs are very strong, the universe starts working with you toward reaching your goal. However, it will not act instead of you. You are the one that has to go through with some action. If you don’t even lift a finger, nothing is going to happen. You must put your outer self into action.

Only when you start acting, all the positive energy that was accumulated by your thoughts and beliefs starts to take shape and help things happen.

The problem most of us face is just using our inner self without going further and taking advantage of what our outer self can do. People are ready to talk about their wishes for a long time but just a few of them are able to actually do something about it.

The Law of Attraction will help you make things happen. Its responsibility is to align the things in a particular way to help you accomplish what you want. The rest is up to you.

The Law of Attraction will give you the confidence to do what you want.

This will influence the people around you and things will start happening in your way. However, in order for the process to start, you need to take the initiative and give it a push.

Here are some useful steps to help you find the balance between your inner and outer self:
1. Define your goal – imagine exactly what you need.
2. Trigger your inner self – think hard about reaching the goal and imagine as though it is already reached.
3. Listen to the inner voice – listen carefully to the actions of the inner voice is suggesting
4. Trigger your outer self – start acting as soon as possible in order not to let your inner self-outweigh the outer self.

The Law of Attraction can make you rich. You must have heard it a lot. Now you know what it takes to get there.

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