US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 26 – Dr Sutanto – Chiropractor of Gallup NM

Let me tell you – I’m on a mission – going to 50 states is really big deal to me. I haven’t been much of a traveler the last 15 years, but I’m intense in my never ending search of trying to find amazing people to talk to. Hey, I rarely have to look very far to find those interesting people.

Since I’m driving cross country – heading through Iowa, Wisconsin, upstate New York and the rest of New England – damn, I’ve bitten off a lot, but I love it, still feeling my way – just letting my intuition run wild … called a chiropractor and stopped off at his office to continue my mission to – Meet People, Make Friends and See if I can Help Make a Difference in People’s Lives.

Eleanor J_Sutanto and Stan_From minute one, I was impressed with John Sutanto, who has come out of retirement to Gallup, with his wife Eleanor who is from Zuni, from where he practiced for 28 years in the Chicago area.

I asked him … what do you find the most fulfilling about starting again after retirement?

“I found my emotional and intellectual balance.”

He said he was okay in the physical, but you have to be challenged in your mind … have to be challenged, so you have to be always seeking and learning. In his chiropractic practice, he knows that it’s always a learning process, even for him 28 years later. He always learns something every time and that’s how he’s able to grow and better himself and that learning process should never stop until the day you die.

What would you like to have more of in your life?
Well that’s a really hard question to answer. A lot of people says being happy … is more, but to me happiness is very generic term. It means something different for everybody – for the drunk, happiness is to have a drink; for the beggar, that might be is to get some money; for the homeless, happiness to have a home. To me, it’s more like to achieve that ‘balance in life’. Balance is the middle way, yes, the middle way. That means – not too much, not too little, all just in the right balance. Keeping the balance is just like the eye of the hurricane. There’s nothing there, but surrounded by powerful forces around them. You have to remain still, in the middle of it and that’s good. That’s really good.

If you ruled the world for one day, what would you advocate or have everyone do?
“That’s a challenge to answer.”
First of all, Sutanto would not force anybody do things that they did not want to do. He respects free agency in choice and personal responsibility, but yet he thinks it’s so important to impose a self-control, because greed is the cause of a lot of pain and suffering. Also being ignored is education – ignorance is also the main cause of the pain and suffering – so education is the key to good. People get better lives when being informed.

I think Sutanto would also be open to talk with anyone who could show him how he could learn new things… like make more money without devoting a lot of extra time to the business. There’s always excitement about ‘living the dream’ that could come to anyone … just by turning spending into earning.

US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 25 – Dominic – Medical Student of Albuquerque NM

It is so exciting to meet new people, but I did take a couple of days off after I returned from 8 fantastic days in Hawaii. Please forgive.

So back to it. With more energy than ever!

Going to 50 states is really big deal to me and restarted my never ending search of trying to find amazing people to talk to. I know I usually don’t have to look very far, and since I was driving cross country (heading through Iowa, Wisconsin Dells, then upstate New York) I started slow, but still feeling my way – more than looking for people. I let my intuition run wild … and stopped off at to continue my mission to – Meet People, Make Friends and See if I can Help Make a Difference in People’s Lives.

After stopping at a mechanic’s shop in Payson, AZ, I continued on going east on Highway 260. Even though it was almost noon, I was still trying to wake up. I downed about a quart of my nutritional shake (loaded with a steady picker-upper of Mochatonix), I passed a scenic spot of Mogollon Rim Visitors’ Center. Something strong struck me, told me I HAD to turn around. I made a u-turn the first chance I had … and went back to the center.Dominic and Stan

I parked and strolled out to a vista point lookout deck at the rear of the visitors’ center (which was locked tight). Looking out over the great view of forests and mountains at an elevation of 7,500 feet, that’s where … I met Dominic.

We talked about his journey, in which he was heading back to Albuquerque, having just come from Phoenix where he had been scoping out Naturopathic colleges that he could continue his progress in the medical field with the hopes of becoming a Physician’s Assistant. Dominic has also been looking at the University of Arizona Medical School in Tucson.

Why a P.A.? And not a full doctor? Dominic said that there was too much schooling involved and it would take far too much patience for him. Plus the cost of the education. Then the long term rigorous on the job training to get fully skilled as a physician. I understood … it’s a battle to achieve such a goal.

What was it about the future that he saw in being a PA? He gave a quick answer in that it was engaging with people, and in helping them. And not so much about the amount of money he would be making. Not much about the money.

But what would he do if he was ruler of the world for a day? Dominic would declare a holiday for everyone, but they would have to take the day and seriously look at how they could take full responsibility for their own health. Dominic – “It’s important for people to take responsibility for their own health. They need to do it for themselves, not let someone else manage it for them.”

What’s great about Albuquerque? It’s a great area for any and all outdoorsy sports people. Plenty of camping, fishing and hunting. “Let’s go,” he said.

I think Dominic would also be open to talk with successful mentors who could show him how he could make more money without devoting a lot of extra time to the business. There’s always excitement about ‘living the dream’ that could come to anyone … just by turning spending into earning.

US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 11 – Joe of Joe’s Barbershop Barstow, CA

In my new unending search of trying to find amazing people to talk to, and I know I usually don’t have to look very far, and since I had wanted to get a haircut I started looking for a barbershop as I drove down the main street in Barstow, CA. I was secretly looking for an usual barber who would tell some great stories while he cut my hair. Also, of course, I needed to continue my mission to – Meet People, Make Friends and See if I can Help Make a Difference in People’s Lives.

Stan and Joe the Barber in Barstow CA

I think I was fortunate in that I just so happened to walk into Joe’s Barbershop and met Joe – but he told me I’d have at least an hour and a half wait he was so backed up with reservations.

I hate waiting and he takes reservations. I thought that … if he’s in so big a demand, he must be some type of unusual character and maybe he’d be worth the wait. In just a few seconds while making my decision, I learned that Joe would stay open for 2 hours after normal shop hours just so he can take care of customers. I’d be back for a cut.

Joe started being a barber here in town about in 2000 okay. “Yeah,” he granted like with almost a Southern drawl, “the best part of my business is the great clientele I got here in Barstow.”

What’s the worst? About your business? Joe thought for a second or two; then, “Well, the worst part of this work is telling people I ain’t got any openings for them.”

What about being Ruler for a day – Joe? He would have all the people give him $1 of their money and for that he would give them the day off so they could go spend and enjoy time with their families. So Joe would tell everybody in the world to give him $1.

The follow up question came – so … “If you had 7 billion dollars from everyone on Earth, what would you do with it?” Joe said that he would invest half of it, then spend a little bit here, spend a little bit of it there; and give some to charity.

The chief of police here in Barstow sitting in another chair nearby said that he might have a good time with Joe, but Joe muttered something about that Barstow’s Chief … is a bad influence on him.

We all laughed, but I felt there was considerable truth in that last barely audible statement. I left the barbership wondering how I could ever help Joe or Barstow’s Chief of Police. Huh?

US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 18 – Kenny – General Manager Crazy Shirts in Waikiki, Hawaii

Oh, what a great day is every day that I go about my journey to discover people and experience adventures! What an honor I feel each and every moment to meet people, make new friends and see if I can help make a difference in their lives. Definitely, I have loads of truly happy days and I love it.

Bounding around and open to adventure at every corner, I happened to drop into a shop in a marketplace – Crazy Shirts. There I was so lucky to meet Kenny.

Kenny and Stan

Kenny is the store manager at Crazy Shirts and has been in Hawaii for about a year, from Las Vegas where he lived for 15 years and then he moved to Hawaii.

He quickly admitted he likes the weather the most in this area. He says it’s 80 to 90% of why he came to the islands. He likes meeting people from all over the world.

But the heavy traffic? Kenny doesn’t really care for all the – traffic. It’s congested and he says that the cost of living is another thing he doesn’t like about living on Hawaii, but that’s the cost of living in Paradise. You get what you pay for.

As ruler of the world for one day, Kenny said he would invoke peace around the world and equality. Even in today’s society there is still racism. Elsewhere around the world, people could be a little more open-minded – maybe even … if there were same sex bathrooms.

US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 17 – Diana – Restaurant Worker Extraordinaire of Waikiki, HI

There’s no doubt that I’m feeling especially good and very happy. For a couple of days, I was tired from the flight to Hawaii, but now that I have my total energy back, which I attribute much to the nutritional supplementation I follow daily, it’s again a natural easy flow for me to meet people everywhere. You know I’m going around the U.S. And I’m still just at the beginning of a long trek across the 48 states, plus Hawaii = 49.

My mission – meet people, make friends and see if there’s a way I can help make a difference in people’s lives.

Tonight, at dinner I met Diana …Diana and Stan at Da Big Kahuna

who bent over backwards to bring me what I wanted – after a cold rainy day … well, cold for the western slopes of Hawaii.

Diana has been in the city for only one year and she lives in Hawaii Kai. She found out quickly that at Da Big Kahuna Restaurant – she likes to give great customer service and she likewise discovered, people respond to you friendly if you’re friendly to them initially.

She went on say that something to something different has something different. It sounded tremendously profound, but I could not interpret, so if you’re keen on what it means, please allow me to be the first to know.

The worst part of living in this area is that all the time there are drunk people around, and that it is expensive to live in Hawaii. And then, there is the homeless. She.

If she were in charge of the world for one day, or ruler, she said she would enforce the edict that everyone would have to walk a mile in everyone else’s moccasins.

What she would like more of – Time – like she spends too much time working. She needs time to travel around the world. And have more money which would give her more time … if there was a way to work less, yet make a lot more money. Diana said she would like to do that as a way of making smart money. One way that … less is more.