US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 16 – Peterson – Dermatologist of Thousand Oaks, CA

When you’re feeling good and happy, it’s easy to meet people from around the U.S. I know I’m just at the beginning of a long trek across the 48 states, plus Hawaii. My mission – meet people, make friends and see if there’s a way I can help make a difference in people’s lives.

At the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, I had arrived early (about an hour and a half early) and so many people were gathering already at the gate of departure. I took a seat next to a gentleman who was a photographer of some sort based on the type of tripod he had with his gear.

Peterson and StanWhen I asked him his name, he said Peterson and I was going to call him that (though I’m usually on a first name basis with nearly everyone I meet) … and just now, I learned that is his first name.

He said he had been at a photography workshop on the Havapai Indian Reservation. I guess it was good training and he learned a bunch. So okay, what about what do you do for a living?

It was a short but pleasant reply – “I’m a Dermatologist.”

He said he had his practice in Thousand Oaks, CA. He thought the city was a great place to raise a family, and it’s green and lush and the people are the very best.

What he liked best about his practice was the people and the variety of things he gets to do.

But what he doesn’t like is that he hates dealing with those insurance companies.

As fas as being ruler of the world for one day – “I would change human nature.” He would make it happen for one day that there would be less selfishness and more caring for others.

US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 16 – Brodi – Uber Driver Entrepreneur in Honolulu, Hawaii

Since I’ve been an independent business owner and entrepreneur most of my life, I was interested in talking to the driver when I brought up the app to request a ride around the island.

I liked Brodi right away when he was completely receptive to answering my questions.Stan and Brodi2

He said he’s been an Uber driver for about 7-8 months. With a slight chuckle, he told me he’s lived in Hawaii in the central part of the island not far from Pearl Harbor all his life. He has traveled elsewhere including flying over the State of Arizona.

What he likes most about being an Uber driver – “To just go to talk with people.”

He likes to set his own hours and be his own boss. There’s nobody watching over him when he works and he works when he wants to work. He takes a break when he wants to take a break. It’s fun meeting a lot of interesting people from all over the world. Some of them have intriguing stories or tales to share.

But sometimes being an Uber driver can be a pain in the butt – dealing with the traffic in Honolulu can be stressful.

About this area, he likes the weather but he’s not really fond of the ocean because he’s not an ocean person even though he lives on an island. Make sense, right?

He stays because he likes the people. It’s the melting pot and they’re nice people. If you mind your own business … so no one’s going to hassle you or trouble you or bother you. People come from all over the world and usually they’re in a good mood because they’re on vacation or most times they are in a good mood so they’re friendly and they’re happy and they’re easy to get along with.

Brodi said he wanted to think about ‘what he wants more of it in life’ because he wants his answer to be really important to him. For the his answer to have meaning to himself.

“I’d like to have stronger faith in the Lord – that’s my answer.”

About being a dictator or ruler of the world for a day?

He says he would not want to be in that position as a dictator. “No thank you!” He would not care for being a dictator – he’d rather just let everybody kind of make decisions on their own.

US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 10 – Sarah – Nail Specialist in Mesa AZ

Hi everyone – I’m in Arizona for a couple of days and it’s the day before I leave for Hawaii. I wanted some personal pampering so I decided to find a nail spa and get a pedicure. I knew of a spot that had been recommended to me.

I walked in and that’s where I met Sarah. Immediately, I could feel a fresh kindness flowing from her.Stan and Sarah

About the area – she felt that It’s inexpensive – yes, kind of an inexpensive area to live in. And a lot of her friends live near her in the area, which means fun and parties.

But then with a sigh, she added that the worst thing is probably cuz there’s not a lot to do.

Sarah said she was born in Hawaii. Her dad retired from the Navy and her mother’s family lives in the area so they came here.

Sarah’s been working at the nail spa for two years. Meeting new people is one of the best parts of her job.

One of the worst things is that she has to lose sleep. Especially worse is on Mondays when she has to drag herself to the job. Also, There a lot of long days inside. Plus, she’s away from her kid, her son who is just three.

What she would like more of in her life … would be – to do some traveling, with more time to relax and play with her son. Of course, she would like to try new things. With bright open flair, Sarah stated she would like to enjoy life more than what she is now.

She says she’s ambitious and to get more out of life, she said she would be open to look at a venture. It would be great if she could be shown something which would provide her that chance – achieve some of the things she’d like to do. She liked it when I mentioned that I’d have George Pauli get in touch with her.

If she ruled the world for a day – she wished that everyone would be nice to each other. To take a day to do good things to each other and and help each other out.

US Adventure people exploration day 2 – Jimmy

In the middle of the afternoon for Day 2, on my US adventure of people exploration, I goofed around too much and that made me a little late but I still was trying to make it to the beach before sunset because I want to go from one end – which is the Pacific Ocean all the way to the coast of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean – at the other side. Of course, meeting all kinds of people in between.

But I decided to stop in and find a place to stay for the night and that’s where I met Jimmy, in Costa Mesa, CA.

Jimmy has a lively, vibrant personality and very tactfully handled an upset potential customer who came in while I was there. He told me that he was a surfer and went out surfing every day. He said that he had given up being an accountant, because he got the creepy-crawlies while sitting in a cubicle.  No, he didn’t regret spending the money going to school at Orange Coast College.

When asked what he would do – if he ruled the world for one day – he replied that he would unite all the countries of the world and dictate that they live together in peace on earth. At least for that one day.

He was truly excited when I told him that I was going to travel around the US and talk to people in at least 49 states. he wanted to read all about what people would have to say.  He made my day with his enthusiasm and all I can say is … if you ever get to Costa Mesa … have good thoughts and wish him well with damn good waves to catch.




US People Exploration Travels – Day 2

  1. Today is day 2 for the Great Adventure and opportunity that I am on. I’m in Blythe California and I’ve been talking to Lena who has lived in the area all her life. She works as a waitress at the Courtesy Coffee Shop and for something light but delicious, she recommended the dinner salad with ranch dressing.

When I asked her if there were any special attractions in the area, she told me about the Colorado River. And then, after thinking about it for a second, she mentioned that the area was famous for the Intaglios, which are ruins about 15 miles north of Blythe in the Colorado desert.
Legends have it that the ruins were created by aliens of distant galaxies for the Native American Indians.