US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 16 – John – Retired Shipyard Worker of Hawaii

It’s a great feeling to be on a mission to ‘meet people, make friends and see if there’s a way to help make a difference in people’s lives.’ I saw a sign at the side of the road advertising — “Lychee”. I wondered what it was.John and Stan2

So I stopped along the route of Highway 83 on the windward side of Oahu Hawaii. That’s where I met John who was selling lychee along the road. I think it was called Kamehameha.

Anyway, he Lives up the hill about two miles away. His wife was sound asleep in the BMW they were driving. She was supposed to be bagging more lychee to sell. They were selling the fruit for donations to a foundation affiliated with the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

lycheeI learned that lychee is sweet and crispy fruit that many people enjoy eating it fresh. It is protected by a bumpy, leathery rind that is inedible, but for me this rind easily came away from the juicy flesh of the fruit, which is translucent and a pearly white color.

John’s retired, after working for 33 years in the shipyard industry as a metal worker and then another 12 years in education. About his retirement – he likes free time and traveling.

About Hawaii – he likes the people, the climate, the rain, and the patient people who are waiting on the side.

John said he wouldn’t want to be a ruler or dictator or to make anyone or anybody do anything for any days.