US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 39 – Len – Semi-retired Entrepreneur – former CFO of Calvin Klein – from CT – met in Austin, MN

Incredible Day – it started with a heavy rain as I left Ames, Iowa. Heavy rain … and so I adjusted my travel plans to stay more to the main routes. I wanted smooth sailing (driving). For some reason, Spam (as in meat products) has kept coming into my life since I heard of a Spam Festival in Hawaii. Huh? I know …?

So on the fly … I mentally changed my route to go through Austin, Minnesota. That’s where the Spam Museum and the Hormel meat processing factory is. For some unknown reason, I meandered through the rural roads of northern Iowa and southern MN.

Since I’m on a mission to – Meet People, Make Friends and See if I can Help Make a Difference in People’s Lives – I was excited as dodged the scattered drops of rain while into the Spam Museum.Len and Stan at Spam Museum in Austin Minnesota_2

That’s where I met Len – who was taking photographs of exhibits – to take a photo of three ladies I had met (more on that in another blog).

He was on his way to Denver where he was going to deliver all kinds of things and household products and other stuff to his daughter Michelle. She teaches equestrian horseback jumping. on my way to Denver to deliver household product stuff still having same problems and as for my daughter Michelle who is teaching. His other daughter is a second-year resident at Columbia-Presbyterian, studying and focusing on Family Medicine, with a specialized focus on helping young women.

His wife Renee of 35 years packed all kinds of stuff that he was going to deliver. He mentioned that she sent him on his way with love in her heart. Len had worked hard all his life, in which he built his career rising to CFO of CK … and then retired early. He laughed when he said it gave him something to do. I interpreted what he said … as – I think – he hinted that she was giving him something to do and kindly get rid of him for a while. LOL …maybe.

He spoke lovingly of small town hamburger joints and quaint mom-and-pop cafes. He was specific about a great place he had found in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania – where there is a Rootin’ tootin’ hot dog place right off of Route 80.

Len told me he has a backpack in his SUV riding as a shotgun. Also, he has his camera bag handy and a ‘cat scratch’ pole for his daughter’s cat in the back seat.

I enjoyed talking with Len and we exchanged contact information. I might be so lucky to visit him when I pass through Connecticut in August. Wouldn’t that be absolutely great?

If you’re reading this … maybe join us?

US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 21 – Steve of Poolman Company at LA Fitness in Casa Grande, AZ

In my new perpetual search of amazing people to talk to, I took off today and landed in Casa Grande, AZ. And since I enjoy working out at LA Fitness, I sauntered in anticipating to do some swimming and some heated pool relaxed exercises. Then also to continue my mission to – Meet People, Make Friends and See if I can Help Make a Difference in People’s Lives.

I was totally relaxed with the bottoms of my feet being massaged by the jets of the heated pool jacuzzi. That’s when I met Steve.Steve and Stan outside LA Fitness - Casa Grande

He seemed like a happy man when I joked that he should be careful or he might fall into the heated pool. We laughed and he told me that he had been with the Poolman company for a little over 4 months. And what he liked the most about his job was – “Communication.” Giving the best of customer service in dealing with people was at the forefront of Steve’s mind.

The part that he didn’t like was the “Elements.” He admitted not being very fond of the heat that is present for usually 5 months of the year in desert Arizona.

Speaking casually, Steve said that he has lived in Casa Grande for 18 years. He’s married and has four kids.

If he ruled the world, even if it were only for one day, Steve would firmly advocate that common courtesy would rule the day. He would demand an all out peace if he were ruler of the world. And maybe he would also require that everyone should ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle at least once during the day.

Steve would really like to have more time, less stress along with more money. With more money, he would utilize his talents as a lay youth pastor more often. He looked off to the distance as he considered the dream-like anticipation of helping youth evolve into conscientious upstanding adults.

Also, of course, Steve would like to have more time to spend with his wife and kids. And he was truly open to talk with successful mentors who could show him how he could make more money without devoting a lot of extra time to the job or business. He was excited about ‘living the dream’ that could come to him … just by turning his spending into earning.