Tip 2 – Relieve Stress through Law of Attraction – Objective and Subjective Thinking

#2 How Law of Attraction

– Objective and Subjective Thinking –

Can Relieve Stress

One of the main actions toward relieving stress is through thinking and understanding the Law of Attraction. Just take a moment and think about what the word – thought – really means. Sit back – close your eyes – imagine peaceful and calm thoughts going through your consciousness.

Law of Attraction and Stress Relief

Throughout the whole concept of the Law of Attraction, you will discover that it doesn’t bring up a thinking action in a way we usually do. Consider thinking as creative action.

We exist because of five physical senses tell us we do exist. If some guru says that we are real because we think we – just hit him in the face! Then, ask him if it hurts, “how does the blood smell?” What did my fist look like coming straight at between your eyes? What did it sound like as my knuckles smashed your nose? Does the blood inside your mouth taste warm and gooey? I he counters anything about concept of reality – hit him again … only harder!

Talk about stress? Getting hit in the face is usually rather stressful.

So … whatever our five senses informs us … that becomes real for us. Of course, that also becomes a part of our thoughts about reality. But surprisingly, however, this really isn’t the type of thought process that the Law of Attraction talks about. The above discusses what is known as ‘objective thinking’.

In order to see how the Law of Attraction is carried out of in our lives, we have to force ourselves to put aside the concept of objective thinking. It is beneficial if we adopt a distinctive enigmatic level of thinking – which is subjective thinking.

Why do we think that a friend or enemy is real? Because our five senses indicate it is so. Remember – this is objective thought processing.

While on the other hand (objective description), with subjective thinking, things will be totally reversed. We think our friend is real and therefore we are able to sense that they do exist. Now, that is subjective thinking.

Law-of-attraction proponents propose that your job isn’t real – but if you’re an astronaut and launching off in a rocket – there isn’t gravitational pull – it’s just that … because you believe so concretely that gravity is real, it becomes a reality for you … especially when the rocket malfunctions and you crashed back to earth.

So the only things that are real are the things you believe exist. And more … your firm belief that they are happening makes them ‘definitely’ real for you.

Wow – any stress you feel – you feel it … because you think it first.

This is absolutely in the realm of subjective thinking.

When you think subjectively, things are more or less like how it is when you are dreaming. When we see a dream, how do we picture ourselves? Is our ‘dream’ self the real us? No, we are the ones who are ‘seeing’ the dream.

Key concept here …
=> We are just the frame of reference, the consciousness. <=

Whatever is happening in our dream is our perspective. That is how thinking works in the subjective world.

In this subjective Universe, what we see is actually just a manifestation of our thoughts. Now, does that mean those things aren’t real? What that does mean is that those things are present in our consciousness.

So, just as we might be able to change things in our dreams, and now by applying the Law of Attraction, we can alter things in our ‘real’ life as well.

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