Tip 3: Learning To Relieve Stress Through The Law Of Attraction By Retaking Control Over Circumstances

We tend to spend too much time thinking about things that are not really important. These stressful and often unimportant thoughts slowly start ruling our lives. It is compulsory to realize that there are ways to avoid this problem and get on the right track.

More often, we allow different things and situation to take control of us. How many times have we said something similar to: “This situation is beyond me! I cannot do anything about it.” If we think about it hard, we’ll come to realize that such thoughts appear in our minds quite often. Stress Relief when you are in ControlEvery time we allow these thoughts to come through, we are giving up control to the situations and allow these circumstances to rule our lives. This way of thinking is completely against the Law of Attraction.

What are the methods suggested by the Law of Attraction?

In short, the Law of Attraction suggests that we have control of the situation and not vice versa. The reality is, most of the time, circumstances are in our own hands. It is completely up to us to create situations that contribute to our development, and not the other way around.

Sit down and take some time to think about your particular situation. Do you have a financial problem? You were planning an endeavor, but can’t go through with it due to a lack of funds. So what do you do?

In this situation, many people will decide that the project will not work out and choose to forget about it. However, a person who knows how to use the Law of Attraction will realize that the problem lies in the frame of reference and will not worry about it too much. At the same time, this person will try to find a way to make this situation favorable for his or her goals.

Sounds impractical? In reality, it isn’t. What will happen if you start to think about having the required amount of money? The Law of Attraction dictates that you must “visualize” your goal and behave as though it is already reached. This means you have to behave as though you already have the money.

Believe and act as if you already possess the money!

For example, you can apply for a loan and when you do it, you’ll be very confident, since you’ll be completely sure that the money will be yours. Your absolute confidence will work to your advantage since your potential financiers will get the impression that you have the capability to earn the money to pay them back in time. They will believe that you are a person of merit.

This is the method used by the people who trust the Law of Attraction. They use intensive thought process to make the situation favorable for their needs. They assure themselves that they are the center of whatever is happening in their lives and can have full control over the situations they face and not the other way around.

Here are some quick steps to help you through a tough situation using the Law of Attraction:
1. Take a breath – Sit down and think the situation through. Outline your problem and your goals.
2. Call up the reminder – Remind yourself that you should control the circumstances and not vice versa.
3. Visualize – Imagine in details that the problem is solved and you got what you wanted.
4. Get up and go – Go further about your business with a clear “success picture” in your head.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is always in operation and works universally. All you need to do is learn how to use it.

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