Tip 7 Helping Relieve Stress Through The Law Of Attraction By Making An Effort

If beggars think about horse riding, can they ride?

If a poor person thinks positively about money long enough, can he or she become rich?

This is the first question concerning money that comes to people’s minds when they first hear about the Law of Attraction. After all, that’s what it seems to tell us.

A person who thinks strongly about a certain subject should get a positive result, right? In other words, if someone really needs a car and spends days and nights thinking about it and totally believes that it will manifest, the car will appear, right?

While sounding romantic and magical, the Law of Attraction doesn’t work this way. It is not about just thinking about something and automatically getting it. There are many different parts to this process.

People who think that the “think-think-get” scheme will work are forgetting about a very important part of the equation – the effort. You will not get much done if you fail to channel your thoughts into action.

Let’s consider an example. Suppose you want to open a restaurant. At the moment, it is only an ambition. When you start thinking strongly about it, you can almost taste it. But nothing else seems to be happening. Where is the restaurant? Will it magically appear after you do some thinking? The answer is obvious – it won’t.

The Law of Attraction is not about sitting on your favorite sofa, watching TV, and just waiting for your desires to suddenly come true. What you have to do is let your thoughts out and allow them to become actions. When you are thinking strongly about something, you have an inner voice telling you what needs to be done to reach your goal.

For example – when you are planning to open a restaurant, the innate voice will be telling you to start looking for good places to do it in. It might also advise you to learn hotel management and look for ways to get money. There are many things that you will hear from this small voice if you only allow it to speak.

It is very important to learn to listen … Listen Closely to your Inner Voiceto this inner advisor and act upon what it’s telling you to do.

Only when you start transforming your thoughts into actions, you will be able to do something about reaching your goal. So, a beggar who is just thinking strongly about a horse, won’t be riding anytime soon. However, if he thinks about ways to get that horse and starts implementing those ideas, there are many chances he will eventually be straddling one.

Here are some useful steps to help you make an effort:
1. Define your goal – think about what you want to get done
2. Think strongly – start thinking very strongly about what you want and imagine you already have it
3. Listen to your inner voice – while thinking strongly, do your best to listen to what the inner voice has to tell you
4. Act upon it – start acting upon what the small voice is telling you.

The Law of Attraction can make you rich. You must have heard about it a lot. Now you know what it takes to get there.

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