Tip 8 Using the Law of Attraction to Induce Windfall Income by Shaping Expectations

How can the Law of Attraction be used to help induce lottery winnings or other windfall incomes?

People frequently ask if they can win a lottery or get another quick money windfall by strongly believing that it will happen. The Law of Attraction says a lot about positive thinking and strong beliefs. So, if people think very strongly about winning a lottery, will they win? They think about winning all the time and buy dozens of lottery tickets, so the jackpot is around the corner? Not exactly.

These people do seem to be on the right track, but they have trouble implementing their thoughts the right way. So, what is the right way?

How can the Law of Attraction be used to win a lottery?Is Law of Attraction a Genie Lamp to Win Lottery

First of all, you shouldn’t expect a magical spell to appear and immediately bring a bunch of gold coins to your door. This won’t happen. However, the Law of Attraction will help you set things in motion. Think positively about winning.

When you do that, things around you start arranging themselves in the most beneficial way. You probably won’t become a millionaire overnight. But strong beliefs will allow you to win small amounts and be happy about it.

It is important to remember, that there are things which can prevent the Law of Attraction from working properly. Do not expect too much. Such approach is destructive.

The Law of Attraction tells you to have strong beliefs; however, nothing is said about expecting a particular result. Visualize what will happen when you win the wanted amount of money but never force the universe into granting you that sum.

Same goes for getting upset with the universe for not giving you the kind of income, you think you deserve. By doing that you are nullifying all your positive belief. Displeasure and grumpiness are the signs of disbelief, which is equal to weakness.

People who win lotteries think that they deserved the victory. If you were to ask them about it, they would say that at some point in their lives they visualized winning a lottery. They imagined it so vividly, that it felt absolutely real.

Try to do exactly that mental routine – see the dream for real. Visualize the result. But come on now – don’t go overboard. And really – don’t demand or expect too much. If you do everything right, things will start working out your way. Be ready to accept what you get without being unsatisfied. It will definitely be better than what you already have.

Here are some useful steps to help you induce windfall income:
1. Define the amount – think about how much money you need to get/win
2. Visualize – visualize what you are doing with that money
3. Brush away dissatisfaction – make yourself ready to welcome any amount
4. Say thank you – Thank the universe for helping you, even if it hasn’t done it yet.

The Law of Attraction can make you rich. You must have heard it a lot. Now you know what it takes to get there.

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