US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 10 – Sarah – Nail Specialist in Mesa AZ

Hi everyone – I’m in Arizona for a couple of days and it’s the day before I leave for Hawaii. I wanted some personal pampering so I decided to find a nail spa and get a pedicure. I knew of a spot that had been recommended to me.

I walked in and that’s where I met Sarah. Immediately, I could feel a fresh kindness flowing from her.Stan and Sarah

About the area – she felt that It’s inexpensive – yes, kind of an inexpensive area to live in. And a lot of her friends live near her in the area, which means fun and parties.

But then with a sigh, she added that the worst thing is probably cuz there’s not a lot to do.

Sarah said she was born in Hawaii. Her dad retired from the Navy and her mother’s family lives in the area so they came here.

Sarah’s been working at the nail spa for two years. Meeting new people is one of the best parts of her job.

One of the worst things is that she has to lose sleep. Especially worse is on Mondays when she has to drag herself to the job. Also, There a lot of long days inside. Plus, she’s away from her kid, her son who is just three.

What she would like more of in her life … would be – to do some traveling, with more time to relax and play with her son. Of course, she would like to try new things. With bright open flair, Sarah stated she would like to enjoy life more than what she is now.

She says she’s ambitious and to get more out of life, she said she would be open to look at a venture. It would be great if she could be shown something which would provide her that chance – achieve some of the things she’d like to do. She liked it when I mentioned that I’d have George Pauli get in touch with her.

If she ruled the world for a day – she wished that everyone would be nice to each other. To take a day to do good things to each other and and help each other out.

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  1. Stan, that is so great you meet really nice people. I’m sure more people would love to follow your foot steps and be happy, make friends, and make a difference.

    Enjoy Hawaii!

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