US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 11 – Joe of Joe’s Barbershop Barstow, CA

In my new unending search of trying to find amazing people to talk to, and I know I usually don’t have to look very far, and since I had wanted to get a haircut I started looking for a barbershop as I drove down the main street in Barstow, CA. I was secretly looking for an usual barber who would tell some great stories while he cut my hair. Also, of course, I needed to continue my mission to – Meet People, Make Friends and See if I can Help Make a Difference in People’s Lives.

Stan and Joe the Barber in Barstow CA

I think I was fortunate in that I just so happened to walk into Joe’s Barbershop and met Joe – but he told me I’d have at least an hour and a half wait he was so backed up with reservations.

I hate waiting and he takes reservations. I thought that … if he’s in so big a demand, he must be some type of unusual character and maybe he’d be worth the wait. In just a few seconds while making my decision, I learned that Joe would stay open for 2 hours after normal shop hours just so he can take care of customers. I’d be back for a cut.

Joe started being a barber here in town about in 2000 okay. “Yeah,” he granted like with almost a Southern drawl, “the best part of my business is the great clientele I got here in Barstow.”

What’s the worst? About your business? Joe thought for a second or two; then, “Well, the worst part of this work is telling people I ain’t got any openings for them.”

What about being Ruler for a day – Joe? He would have all the people give him $1 of their money and for that he would give them the day off so they could go spend and enjoy time with their families. So Joe would tell everybody in the world to give him $1.

The follow up question came – so … “If you had 7 billion dollars from everyone on Earth, what would you do with it?” Joe said that he would invest half of it, then spend a little bit here, spend a little bit of it there; and give some to charity.

The chief of police here in Barstow sitting in another chair nearby said that he might have a good time with Joe, but Joe muttered something about that Barstow’s Chief … is a bad influence on him.

We all laughed, but I felt there was considerable truth in that last barely audible statement. I left the barbership wondering how I could ever help Joe or Barstow’s Chief of Police. Huh?