US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 14 – Gilbert – Mobile Phone Expert in Mesa AZ

I’ve forgotten which ‘day’ it is on my people travel adventures where my mission is … “Meet people, make friends and see if I can help make a difference in their lives.”

I’m in Mesa, Arizona today and I think it is Day 14. I wanted to have my mobile phone checked so I decided to drop into a local store of a franchise – Wireless Toyz.

Gilbert and Stam 4-24That’s when I was helped out by Gilbert who has worked at Wireless Toyz off and on 10 years.

When asked – What do you like best at your job – Gilbert said it was the customer service that he provides.

When asked– What do you like least about your job – that brought – sometimes the customers. It usually happens when customers come in angry about situations that weren’t caused by him or his company.

Gilbert has lived in the area 10 years and said that what he liked best about this area was the … quiet. Everything and anything quiet.

“Everything’s great” … that everything was just right for him.

If he were the world’s ruler for a day, he would declare that everyone would take the day off, of course, with pay. He added that he would institute that every Sunday would be a no work day. And on the day off, he would spend it with his family.

If he said if he were given an opportunity that would give him more of that family time (even if he wasn’t ruler of the world for a day) he stated that definitely he would be open to looking at it.