US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 17 – Diana – Restaurant Worker Extraordinaire of Waikiki, HI

There’s no doubt that I’m feeling especially good and very happy. For a couple of days, I was tired from the flight to Hawaii, but now that I have my total energy back, which I attribute much to the nutritional supplementation I follow daily, it’s again a natural easy flow for me to meet people everywhere. You know I’m going around the U.S. And I’m still just at the beginning of a long trek across the 48 states, plus Hawaii = 49.

My mission – meet people, make friends and see if there’s a way I can help make a difference in people’s lives.

Tonight, at dinner I met Diana …Diana and Stan at Da Big Kahuna

who bent over backwards to bring me what I wanted – after a cold rainy day … well, cold for the western slopes of Hawaii.

Diana has been in the city for only one year and she lives in Hawaii Kai. She found out quickly that at Da Big Kahuna Restaurant – she likes to give great customer service and she likewise discovered, people respond to you friendly if you’re friendly to them initially.

She went on say that something to something different has something different. It sounded tremendously profound, but I could not interpret, so if you’re keen on what it means, please allow me to be the first to know.

The worst part of living in this area is that all the time there are drunk people around, and that it is expensive to live in Hawaii. And then, there is the homeless. She.

If she were in charge of the world for one day, or ruler, she said she would enforce the edict that everyone would have to walk a mile in everyone else’s moccasins.

What she would like more of – Time – like she spends too much time working. She needs time to travel around the world. And have more money which would give her more time … if there was a way to work less, yet make a lot more money. Diana said she would like to do that as a way of making smart money. One way that … less is more.