US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 19 – Mylene & Rob – Entrepreneurs – at Honolulu Airport, Hawaii

It was a great 8 days in Hawaii, but I must continue my mission to – Meet People, Make Friends and See if I can Help Make a Difference in People’s Lives. I had to be on my way – more people to make friends with.

I got to the Honolulu airport hours early, and for some strange inexplicable reason, I walked over and sat down near gate 15. I would board at 18. Some power led me to take a seat there. Whenever I have those intuitions, I don’t question, I simply ‘go with the force flow’.

I took off my shoes and looked around – feeling inside amazed at how I pulsed high with excitement — I knew something special was coming my way. I wasn’t there long before Mylene and Rob walked into my life.

WOW! An incredible couple!Stan, Rob and Mylene in Hawaii

Mylene is self-employed as a tax accounting specialist and has done income taxes for elite clients people for 17 years. Mylene was a dedicated tax auditor for the infamous IRS 10 years.

And Rob is also self-employed as a freelance Uber driver after having been a video editor for 25 years – 10 years with CNN and another 15 with Fox News. Going for freedom and a change of career emphasis, after he was laid off, Rob has taken on a new perspective in giving personal service by Uber driving.

When they were asked what they liked best about going off for a break from where they live in Fullerton, CA, but about to move to Huntington Beach, Both – love the warm Aloha spirit. Rob – Besides, it’s so laid-back. Both – Plus, the weather. Mylene – Paradise scenery. Rob – The beaches. Both – And the fantastic people.

They mentioned that they had been at the Spam Festival in Waikiki – What did you think of the event. The music was great and the food was incredible. Rob remarked, “That ukulele girl.”

As ruler of the world? Mylene – Clean water for everybody. And healthcare for everyone, especially mental health care.

Rob – More friends and happiness in the world.

About what she would want more of – Mylene – “Freedom of time to do whatever I want.” She went from being employed to self employed, and now she has about 400 clients so she has 400 people who love what she does for them.

Inspired by the book written by Derek Rydall EMERGENCEWe talked about many things – our lives, hopes and dreams.