US Adventure people exploration day 2 – Jimmy

In the middle of the afternoon for Day 2, on my US adventure of people exploration, I goofed around too much and that made me a little late but I still was trying to make it to the beach before sunset because I want to go from one end – which is the Pacific Ocean all the way to the coast of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean – at the other side. Of course, meeting all kinds of people in between.

But I decided to stop in and find a place to stay for the night and that’s where I met Jimmy, in Costa Mesa, CA.

Jimmy has a lively, vibrant personality and very tactfully handled an upset potential customer who came in while I was there. He told me that he was a surfer and went out surfing every day. He said that he had given up being an accountant, because he got the creepy-crawlies while sitting in a cubicle.  No, he didn’t regret spending the money going to school at Orange Coast College.

When asked what he would do – if he ruled the world for one day – he replied that he would unite all the countries of the world and dictate that they live together in peace on earth. At least for that one day.

He was truly excited when I told him that I was going to travel around the US and talk to people in at least 49 states. he wanted to read all about what people would have to say.  He made my day with his enthusiasm and all I can say is … if you ever get to Costa Mesa … have good thoughts and wish him well with damn good waves to catch.