US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 25 – Dominic – Medical Student of Albuquerque NM

It is so exciting to meet new people, but I did take a couple of days off after I returned from 8 fantastic days in Hawaii. Please forgive.

So back to it. With more energy than ever!

Going to 50 states is really big deal to me and restarted my never ending search of trying to find amazing people to talk to. I know I usually don’t have to look very far, and since I was driving cross country (heading through Iowa, Wisconsin Dells, then upstate New York) I started slow, but still feeling my way – more than looking for people. I let my intuition run wild … and stopped off at to continue my mission to – Meet People, Make Friends and See if I can Help Make a Difference in People’s Lives.

After stopping at a mechanic’s shop in Payson, AZ, I continued on going east on Highway 260. Even though it was almost noon, I was still trying to wake up. I downed about a quart of my nutritional shake (loaded with a steady picker-upper of Mochatonix), I passed a scenic spot of Mogollon Rim Visitors’ Center. Something strong struck me, told me I HAD to turn around. I made a u-turn the first chance I had … and went back to the center.Dominic and Stan

I parked and strolled out to a vista point lookout deck at the rear of the visitors’ center (which was locked tight). Looking out over the great view of forests and mountains at an elevation of 7,500 feet, that’s where … I met Dominic.

We talked about his journey, in which he was heading back to Albuquerque, having just come from Phoenix where he had been scoping out Naturopathic colleges that he could continue his progress in the medical field with the hopes of becoming a Physician’s Assistant. Dominic has also been looking at the University of Arizona Medical School in Tucson.

Why a P.A.? And not a full doctor? Dominic said that there was too much schooling involved and it would take far too much patience for him. Plus the cost of the education. Then the long term rigorous on the job training to get fully skilled as a physician. I understood … it’s a battle to achieve such a goal.

What was it about the future that he saw in being a PA? He gave a quick answer in that it was engaging with people, and in helping them. And not so much about the amount of money he would be making. Not much about the money.

But what would he do if he was ruler of the world for a day? Dominic would declare a holiday for everyone, but they would have to take the day and seriously look at how they could take full responsibility for their own health. Dominic – “It’s important for people to take responsibility for their own health. They need to do it for themselves, not let someone else manage it for them.”

What’s great about Albuquerque? It’s a great area for any and all outdoorsy sports people. Plenty of camping, fishing and hunting. “Let’s go,” he said.

I think Dominic would also be open to talk with successful mentors who could show him how he could make more money without devoting a lot of extra time to the business. There’s always excitement about ‘living the dream’ that could come to anyone … just by turning spending into earning.