US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 27 – Dora – Owner of Dos Hermanos restaurant in Antonito, NM

Wow – I have to go back in time – I’m meeting so many real cool people and I have to go back a some days. Going to 50 states is really tougher than I thought.

But I’m on a mission to – Meet People, Make Friends and See if I can Help Make a Difference in People’s Lives.

Stopping for a late breakfast in Antonito, I met Dora who has been in the small town in Colorado for 22 years.Dora and Stan at Dos Hermanos in Antonito CO

She loves cooking and she likes the customers that come into the restaurant. Most of the people who come in are her friends and there are several she’s known for 22 years. Dora likes being busy. She’s been waiting on tables since she was very little.

What she doesn’t like is … cleaning the deep fryer and … after a brief pause, she also admitted that putting groceries away wasn’t a favorite either.

Dora’s parents helped her at the restaurant from the beginning and it’s been about 2 years that they were no longer were able to. It was on a sad note when she said her father passed away about 3 months ago. She smiled saying her son helped her in the business too.Smothered chicken enchiladas at Dos Hermanos

I had a great meal which Kayla the waitress served.

About the area – Dora likes the mountains and the weather is just fantastic in the summer. There’s usually a lot of wind in the early spring. The economy is really not that good.

She would like to have more people to move up here because it is just really beautiful and she just enjoys living here.Norm


Norm played himself as a regular customer.


Dora says that as ruler of the world she would have everyone be kind to everyone.