US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 37 – Paul – Retired Computer Programmer of Allendale, MO

Oops – sorry, but I got side-tracked for a few days from my mission – Meet People, Make Friends and See if I can Help Make a Difference in People’s Lives. And getting to 50 states is really big deal. I’ve forgotten during the last 15 years of how difficult traveling can be. Still, I’m intense in my never ending search of trying to find amazing people to talk to.

It’s already Day 37 – time does fly – when you’re having fun.

It was at a free breakfast …
(though I rarely eat until noon,
but you know …
it’s hard to pass up => FREE!)

That’s when I met Paul from Allendale, Missouri. He was talking to his wife while eating some biscuits and gravy, when I overheard a slight southern drawl.Paul and Stan - Ames IA

We chatted … and he told me that he had been a computer programmer for over 25 years even though he also had owned a Sylva Learning business at a time when they thought his wife was going to be transferred.

About Allendale – small town of less than 500 – it’s quiet and peaceful there and that’s one of the main reasons he likes it living in a small town. In fact, he smiled when he boasted that … from their house, the nearest traffic light is 37 miles. Oh for sure, shopping is more than a little inconvenient, because it’s quite a distance away. But worth the drive, because the scenery is so great where they live. Yes, they have 22 wooded acres surrounding them along with a nice bass pond.

As ruler of the world for a day, Paul would outlaw ignorance and would instill that everybody learn something new for that day. He added that some people have ideals and that blinds them from reality.

One thing that really bugged him was the universal health care concept. He thinks it’s all messed up when the government takes resources from those who have resources and gives to those who do not have.

One thing in having a cause of making a difference in people’s lives, what he would do is trying to make changes before they get older – like 30. He felt that by the time people reach 30, it is probably lost in educating people on how to live better. Paul would try to do more realistic education with children.

For instance – In schools, we don’t teach children about money. We teach algebra and things which they will never use. He says that learning how to trade stocks has made a difference in his life, but using math – even as an electronics engineer he very rarely ever used algebra.