US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 6 – Wendy – Disability Facilitator Los Angeles CA

It was a beautiful sunny day and I needed to make a pit stop. I pulled into a city park in the Los Angeles area. As I walked to the facilities, I noticed a group laughing, joking and enjoying the pleasant day while they were sitting around a picnic table. Several of them smiled as I walked by.

Upon my return, I stopped to say “Hi.”

That’s when I met Wendy – The leading worker for the foundation group.Wendy and Stan - US Travels

She’s been working with the group for 19 years. Tierra del Sol of Tujunga, CA is a foundation group program for people with disabilities. From the Tierra del Sol website – The Tierra del Sol Foundation was founded in 1971 by eight families who were searching for an alternative to institutionalizing their children. Today, Tierra del Sol helps more than 675 people each day across Los Angeles County overcome cognitive, physical, emotional or behavioral challenges resulting from developmental disabilities.

Wendy said there were so many things that I like. She likes growing with them, learning about them, running the day with them, because the way they are. It just feels great to her life because when they accomplish something, she feels like they did it because of her efforts. It’s a complex emotion,but it makes her day.

“I’m makes me feel good as a human being.”

If she were ruler of the world for one day, she would make sure all people would have peace and freedom to love each other. Everybody – everybody would be equal – no color, no countries – everybody to able to live the same.