US Adventure – People Exploration – Day 7 – Chris at Oxford Inn in Lancaster

Chris said that he’s been working here at the Oxford Inn for years as a sanitation engineer.

When asked what would he say was the best part of his job, he said that it was meeting new people, that in meeting new people – it truly made his day exciting. On this day, there was an array of action, because there were the actors of Top Gear the TV show and other production crew members who were staying at the hotel.

Chris added that every day, people from all over world came to stay at the hotel.

In response to – What do you like best about this area? – At first he couldn’t think of something that he liked the best, but he did not like the constant wind the most.

Then, after a moment’s thought, Chris said he liked the poppy fields the best and that they are beautiful, even though their season was limited every year.

When asked – “If you ruled the world for one day, what would you invoke on the world to do? What law would you have enforced?”

Chris replied, “No electronics for one day, at least for that day.” He added that he thought the people would thank him because then they would need to get face to face in order to communicate verbally. There would be more personal interaction this way. They would then have a conversation -“like you and I are doing, instead of texting and and surfing the web.”

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  1. Verbal communication is a lost art. With all the cell phones and emails, it does not surprise me that a change would be a welcome idea, but better said than done. I have my challenge with that.

    where is next stan?

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